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    Is Animeddas or Su Mortu Mortu

    Enjoy the ancient traditions of Sardinian Halloween

    31 OTT 2014

    In Sardinia, the night of October 31st, is celebrated in different ways and changes its name depending on the different area of the island: Is Animeddas (Northern Sardinia) or Su Mortu Mortu (Southern Sardinia).

    Sardinia celebrates its personal “Halloween” according to ancient traditions of All Souls’ Day

    Halloween in Sardinia? We celebrate Is Animeddas or Su Mortu Mortu.

    All souls’ day is celebrated between October and November, when the days shorten and the temperature gets colder. It is said that in these days, souls in Purgatory wander searching for comfort. Is Animeddas or Su Mortu Mortu is particularly felt in the hinterland of Sardinia : the night of 31st of October, children of small villages, dressed in rags, travel from house to house asking for treats saying “seus benius po is animeddas” (“we come for little souls”). They receive fruit, candies, chestnuts and traditional Sardinian sweets, “papassinos”, biscuits made with dried fruit and raisin. Another traditional ritual is celebrated on the night of October 31st: Sardinian people commemorates dead souls by preparing a dinner on a table without cutlery, to let the souls eat in comfort.

    Are you visiting Sardinia during Halloween?

    Enjoy the ancient traditions of Is Animeddas! In Seui, a small village of Barbagia, the hinterland area of Sardinia, “ Su Prugadoriu” is celebrated to commemorate souls in Purgatory, from 30th of October till the 1st of November. During the festival, tourists are involved in all sorts of interesting activities: taste typical products, visit the old “magasinus” with specially set up areas showing the long established artisans of the territory. Children participate to traditional rituals of Is Animeddas and taste “papassinos”. During “Su Prugadoriu” streets of Seui are full of colours and traditional music and dances. Seui welcomes tourists from all over the world that are curious to discover the authentic Sardinia. If you want to enjoy Halloween in Sardinia, with Sardegna Magica, you can find tours and sightseeings around our island that became more fascinating and suggestive during autumn.

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